PivotCX Browser Extensions

PivotCX Browser Extension


The PivotCX Chrome browser extension allows registered users to start a conversation with any phone number it finds in a browser window.

Adding the PivotCX extension

      1. Go to the Chrome Web Store.


      2. Click on the extension name and on the next window, click on 
      3. Confirm the prompt on the helper window. After a short installation, the extension is ready to use.
For ease of use, click on the extensions icon  and pin the PivotCX extension to the Chrome toolbar.

Using the PivotCX extension

The PivotCX extension is a useful feature to easily start a conversation from a candidate loaded in an ATS or a job board or anywhere else in your browser, no matter what page you're on!
  1. Once installed, click on the extension to show a list of the numbers available on screen.

      2. After you click on "Chat", you'll be redirected to PivotCX's dashboard to load the candidate in the system.
      3. Follow the prompts in the system (Head over to Create a New Conversation with New or Existing Contact for detailed instructions).
      4. Once all the contact information is updated, you can start chatting with the candidate. 

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