Creating a New Application

Creating a New Application

Applications or Attributions are a great way to manage a candidate’s interest and categorize the positions they’ve applied for. Sometimes, a candidate applies for the wrong location or may be a better fit for another position you have open. You can add a new application or attribution for these candidates in the chat window. 

What is an Attribution?

Attributions or applications are managed on the right-hand panel in the chat window. The “active” attribution can be selected by clicking on the list of applications 

Creating a New Application

Click “Create a New Application” under the “Copy upload link” button.

Fill out the Job Title and Location fields.

Editing Created Attributions

To edit your newly created attribution, click on the pencil in the top right corner of the attribution.

The Attribution will expand for you to add “source”, “medium,” or “campaign” information

Only Attributions created in the Chat Window have the edit function. Attributions created from an integration, import, or keyword can not be edited

Once you’ve pressed submit, the attribution has been added to the candidate’s information, and you can now manage this attribution in the chat window or “applies” tab!

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