Filtering Using the Applies Tab

Filtering Using the Applies Tab

PivotCX offers various methods to filter and list candidates, and we've added another one!

What is the Applies tab?

In the Candidates tab, you can only filter by "Active," "First," and "Last" apply, which can cause you to miss out on other positions that your candidate may be qualified for. Our applies tab allows you to make lists and engage with candidates no matter the order in which they've applied to the position.

As shown below, Dominic has filled out several applications, resulting in multiple attributions. By filtering the attributions in the "Applies" tab, you view all of his applications regardless of the order that he applied to them.

Filtering using the Applies tab

You would Navigate to the "Applies" tab from the Dashboard as shown below.

Since Dominic has the most recent applications, you can see all of his "Applies" at the top.

If you filter by "job title", Dominic would show up as a result for "Restaurant Manager", "Line Cook", "Delivery Driver", and "Assistant Manager" searches regardless of the order of his applications.

Note: This function is not available in the "Candidates" tab, which prioritizes contact information. Instead, the "Applies" tab prioritizes any and all applications that come through Pivot.

By filtering and creating lists through the "Applies" tab, you can generate lists based on job titles or previous applications when a position reopens. This enables you to optimize the candidates you already have rather than sourcing new ones. This approach can be particularly useful for positions with specialized qualifications and less overall traffic.

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