Funnel Metrics for Recruiting

Funnel Metrics (for Recruiting)


The funnel shows the flow of applicants to delivered, qualified candidates. 
funnel chartUse the funnel chart to visualize the flow of applicants to qualified candidates.


The number of applicants received by PivotCX from all sources. It is possible for a contact to apply to multiple jobs or via multiple sources.  For example, a contact could apply on both Indeed and your Career Website.

Contacts (Candidates)

The number of unique contacts received by PivotCX. 

Conversations Started

The number of conversations where PivotCX attempted to communicate with a candidate. This number is usually smaller than Contacts as some contacts provide bad contact information. 

Conversations Engaged

The number of conversations where a message was sent to both parties. STOP messages are not counted.


The number of contacts (candidates) delivered. A candidate can be delivered more than once. For example, a candidate may apply for two jobs and be delivered for both.
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