Importing Candidate Lists

Importing Candidate Lists

Importing a list of candidates from a previous or current ATS is easily done in PivotCX. We’ve created a 5 step process to help break it down. Importing candidates makes it easier than ever to start engaging with candidates as soon as possible.

Here are several reasons why you may want to start importing lists of previous candidates to Pivot CX. 

  1. Lists can help you re-engage with previously interested candidates 

  2. In PivotCX you can engage with candidates through texting which has an 8 times higher open rate than email.

  3. Lists are a good way to keep a constant flow of candidate interaction. 

Importing: a 5-Step Process

  1. Create an Excel sheet of candidates with the appropriate fields and headers

  2. Download this excel sheet as a .CSV file

  3. On the dashboard under Content, click Candidates/Contacts

  4. Click Import and drop your .CSV file in the box. 

  1. Wait as the system processes the new candidates

After uploading a list you can create a Blast

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