Importing Candidate Lists

Importing Candidate Lists

Importing a list of candidates from a previous or current ATS is quickly done in PivotCX. We've created a 5 step process to help break it down. Importing candidates makes it easier to engage with candidates as soon as possible.


Here are several reasons you may want to start importing lists of previous candidates to PivotCX. 

  1. Lists can help you re-engage with previously interested candidates 

  2. In PivotCX, you can engage with candidates through texting which has an eight times higher open rate than email.

  3. Lists are an excellent way to keep a constant flow of candidate interaction. 


How to Import a List

  1. Create an Excel sheet of candidates with the appropriate fields and headers.

JobseekertextLast name or full name is required
full_nametextYou can optionally provide a full name and Pivot will seperate the name into the correct fields when we import it.
phone+15552223333phone numberMust be a valid phone number format. We recommend using e164 format: +13171231234.
opt_inTRUEtrue/falsePhone Opt In as provided by contact.
emailjoe@jobseeker.comtextEmail must be valid.
update_existingTRUEtrue/falseUpdate exsiting contacts.
create_newTRUEtrue/falseCreate a new contact if this one does not exist.
street555 Main StreettextContact street address
cityIndianapolistextContact city
stateINtextContact state
countryUSAtextContact country
postal_code46077textContact postal code
sourceIndeedtextThe specific place/website from which your candidate came.
mediumJob BoardtextThe medium of the source. E.g. Job Board, web, print, direct mail, ATS, CRM, etc...
contentAwesome Sales JobtextPosition name on the requisition.
campaign2023 Job BoardstextName given to your import for easier sorting later on within PivotCX.
locationLubbock, TX USAtextLocation of the job or attribution. Locations can be corrected to ensure consistency.
external_contact_id1123textID from your ATS or crm for a contact
external_job_idtextJob id, if different than requisition ID
req_idC1000textJob requisition ID
attribution_typeChoicesThe type of attribution:
<blank> for job apply
contact_list_id1322numberID of PivotCX list you'd like to add the candidate to. Used for curated lists only.
notesTen years of experience in manufacturing. Only Part-timelong textAdditional information included in the import.

Sample Spreadsheet

***Note: fields in RED are required for imports and headers are space and case sensitive

  1. Save this excel sheet as an xlsx file.

  2. On the dashboard, click on the Candidates/Contacts tab.

    Access the Candidates Tab from the Main Menu on the left-hand side

  3. Click on the Import button in the top right-hand corner of the Candidates Tab.

  4. Click import and drop your xlsx file in the box


6. To import your list, make sure to select a list from the dorp-down menu or type in a new list name. If you are typing in a new list name, then make sure to hit the 'enter' key to make sure the new list is selected.

7. Once your file is uploaded and your list selected, then you can hit the import button to import the contacts.

The Importing Tool supports smaller lists of candidates. If you need assistance with a more sizable import, don't hesitate to contact our support team via email at, and we can assist you in adding your list. 

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