Mass Read

Mass Read

Sometimes when utilizing PivotCX to chat, you can be inundated with messages that no longer require a response or a response was provided outside of PivotCX. For these situations, it may be necessary to mark the incoming messages as “read” to clear them from your Smart Queue. PivotCX now offers this as an option to mark these conversations as “read” in bulk.

How To

We’ll start on our home page and click on the number counter in the “waiting” queue.

Once you click on the number, you’ll be taken to a grid view with waiting conversations. Select the conversations you want to mark “read” and click on “Actions” at the top of the page. 

Select “mark selected conversations as read”. After clicking on the prompt, the page will refresh, and the status will update automatically. 

Note: You may need to refresh the page one last time for the final counts to appear. 

The final totals are shown below.

Your queue is now clear, and you can continue chatting!

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