Merge Codes

Merge Codes


Merge codes make messages more personal and help you get more done in less time. Instead of writing out a name, email address, job title, or other information already in PivotCX, you can type a merge code, and PivotCX will automatically expand it.


$title will be expanded to the Active Apply's job title. 

Typing $title takes a lot less time than typing "Principal Architectural Kotlin Developer."

You can save even more time - if you press space after a few characters, PivotCX will insert the best matching merge code. 

Advanced Usage

You can supply default text to use if a merge code isn't populated:


Contact First Name is Mike, and job title was not provided:

Hi $firstname(there) - You’ve applied for $title(a great job) at $teamname. Do you have time to talk now?

Will render to:

Hi Mike - You've applied for a great job at PivotCX. Do you have time to talk now?

Built-In Merge Codes




The first name of the contact


The last name of the contact


The city where the contact lives


The state where the contact lives


The postal code where the contact lives


The street address where the contact lives


The primary phone number of the contact


The primary email of the contact


The public name of the team sending the messages


The job title of the active apply / attribution.

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