Phone Numbers and SMS Throughput

Phone Numbers and SMS Throughput

The rate SMS messages are delivered is determined by the kind of phone number. Selecting the right number is simple:
If you need to appear to be local ➝ Localized Phone Number (10DLC)
Maximum capacity ➝ Short Codes

Local Phone Number (10DLC)

Normal phone numbers allow you to send up to 250 messages per day and are highly rate-limited. By registering your brand, your number can be approved to handle a much higher volume of text messages. 

Max Messages Per Second: 1-10 depending on carrier approval
Max Per Day: 86,400 - 864,000

The level your number is approved for is based on how you will be using your phone number and your brand's reputation and past SMS behavior. If you have questions about brand registration, feel free to ask.

Short Codes (5 and 6 digit numbers)

Short codes are recommended when a message needs to get to a large number of people in a short time, or for large-scale one-way messaging where you do not expect the recipient to respond.

Max Messages Per Second:
 30 +  depending on carrier approval
Max Per Day: 2.59 million +

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