Chat Shortcuts/$variables

Chat Shortcuts/$variables

This allows you to see quick details about the contact you're currently chatting with and yourself: this includes your names, the contact's email, phone number, and place of residency, and the team you're currently in.

How to Use

In the Chat section, you can click or type $variables from the chat window or click on Explore on the right-hand side where the contact's information is displayed. 

Variables Available in Automated Messages

Automated messages include default messages (e.g. the automatic after hours message), campaign messages and blasts.  
$firstname: inserts contact's first name
$lastname: inserts contact's last name
$fullname: inserts contact's full name
$city: inserts contact's city
$state: inserts contact's state
$postalcode: inserts contact's postal code
$street: inserts contact's street address
$phone: inserts contact's phone number
$email: inserts contact's email address
$myname: inserts your first name
$myfullname: inserts your full name
$teamname: inserts the name of the team you're chatting for
$companyname: inserts the name of the team you're chatting for (alias of $teamname)
$content: inserts the content of the contact's active attribution
$source: inserts the source of the contact's active attribution
$medium: inserts the medium of the contact's active attribution
$location: inserts the location of the contact's active attribution
$title: inserts the title of the contact's active attribution
$externalteamname: inserts the name of the external team

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