QR Codes

QR Codes

What are QR Codes?

Just like conventional 2-D bar codes, QR (quick response) codes store information. But while conventional bar codes can store about 20 digits, QR codes can handle much larger sets of information.  PivotCX can make QR Codes that send SMS keywords or direct to a web link.

A SMS message QR Code. Try it out.
 A web link QR code that goest to pivotcx.io. Try it out. 

People use QR codes for sending text messages, downloading applications on their phones, opening webpages, etc. Their use extends to every industry including logistics, manufacturing, retail, sales, and much more. 

How does PivotCX use QR Codes?

You can use PivotCX QR Codes to send links to external websites, such as career pages or benefits FAQs, you can also use them to link to job descriptions so applicants can review requirements, and compose a text message with a keyword to your PivotCX phone number. Keywords let you trigger an automatic response, activate a campaign, or activate an interaction with a chatbot.

The advantages of using QR codes: they have a small printout size but a high capacity encoding of data, they can be read even if they are somewhat damaged, and can be read natively by Android and iPhones camera apps. 

How can I create a QR Code in PivotCX?

The 3 places a user can create QR codes are:

  • the Links page at the very right column of the grid

  • the Content (Jobs) page on the very right column of the grid,

  • the Team settings page under the Keywords section

Click on the links tab, located under the Advanced section of the menu. You’ll find the QR code to the right of the grid.

Click on “Show” and save your new QR Code to your device. Now you’re ready to add it to any printed or digital material.

Content (Jobs) page

Click on the Content tab (or the Jobs tab, depending on your language settings). You’ll find the QR code on the right side of the grid.

Click on “Show” and save your new QR Code to your computer. Now you’re ready to add it to any printed or digital material.

Keywords in the Team Settings

Select the Team Settings tab on the menu and then go to Keywords. The QR Code button is located to the left of the Save button.

The keyword QR Code creator has an additional button to render with a Caption. This changes the generated QR code image to have the caption "Text {keyword} to {team phone number}." When you download the image it will also have that caption.

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