Accounts, Teams, and Users in PivotCX

Accounts, Teams, and Users in PivotCX

PivotCX is organized as follows:


Each account can have multiple teams and is where billing is managed. Accounts are associated with a user who can add and remove services.


Teams share a single phone number or chat identity, contacts, content (for example, job posts), and conversations.  Each team can have separate sets of users and phone numbers if needed. 


Each team has distinct types of users:

Team Managers

Team Managers can add and remove users and change team-wide settings.

Team Members

Team Members can access conversations, send messages, import and export data, and send blasts.

Restricted Members

By inviting someone to a conversation using the ^invite command, you can create a Restricted Member. This type of member only has access to chats to which they've been invited. They can send messages and edit contact information in their accepted conversations, but they cannot access the dashboard.  

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