Troubleshooting-iPhone Video Calling

Troubleshooting-iPhone Video Calling

Due to iPhone/Apple’s enhanced privacy settings, a candidate may accept an invitation to a video call and receive an error message. Please see our recommended tips below to assist with troubleshooting.


Granting Access  

If your candidate is seeing the image below, they will need to enable permissions in their browser.


Have the candidate click the AA in the top left corner to expand browser options

After clicking on the AA in the top left corner, you’ll select “website settings” to expand the settings menu.


Once you’ve expanded the Website Settings, you’ll need to change at least your Camera and Microphone Settings to “Allow”.


After the Microphone and Camera have been granted access, click “Done” and “recheck permissions”.



Once the permissions have been confirmed, you can begin your video call!


Happy Chatting!

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