Active Apply | First Apply | Last Apply in PivotCX

Active Apply | First Apply | Last Apply

There are times when job seekers apply for more than one job for the same employer. In such cases, PivotCX keeps track of the information related to a candidate's first apply, last apply, and active applications. 

First Apply

A contact's initial application gets logged under First Apply.

Active Apply

Once a candidate has engaged with our CDRs, the system sets their most recent application as their Active Apply.

Last Apply

As the name implies, their Last Apply is the latest application we have received for them.

In the PivotCX platform, each of these application types tracks detailed contact data, including:

Field Name



Where the candidate is coming from.


The tool used to get the candidate.


The campaign used to get the candidate.

Job Title

The job title for which the candidate applied.

Job Location

Name of the place where the job is located.


Name of the Person/Employee who referred the candidate to the job.


Word used by the candidate to connect to the Employer's PivotCX team phone number.

This information is visible on the Candidate Tab and the Conversation Tab.
Each type of Apply is collapsed to save space across the grid by default. Click on the ">" symbol next to the Apply name to expand all the fields. 

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