Manage Email, SMS and Browser Notifications

Manage Email, SMS and Browser Notifications

Manage Email, SMS, and Browser Notifications

Notifications are a great way to manage your current conversations in PivotCX without having to keep your browser windows open. Below are a couple of ways to enable notifications that work best for you:

PivotCX has three types of notifications you can take advantage of:

- Email notifications

- Push notifications in your browser

- SMS message

To manage your notifications, click "My Settings" from the left-hand panel.

In the settings, you'll see the Notifications tab from where you can manage a variety of notification types:

Delivery Notification: This notification is sent when you've been delivered a qualified candidate.

Digest Notification: If you have a high volume of deliveries, you can opt for a digest notification sent once a day that summarizes the deliveries.

Assignment Notifications: Receive a notification when you are assigned to a conversation.

Invitation Notifications: Receive a notification whenever you are invited to a conversation.

Inbound Message Notification: Receive a notification after a contact responds to a conversation (learn how it works here). 

For each of these, you have the option to have email notifications, push notifications, SMS notifications, or a combination of them*: 

*Note that, for Digest notifications, you can have only email or none, but not push notifications. 

Currently, only Push and SMS notifications are available for Assignments. 
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