PivotCX Supported Configurations

PivotCX Supported Configurations

PivotCX is a Browser-Based Application / PWA

That means that PivotCX can be installed on your computer or mobile device as a progressive web application, or run like any website, by entering https://app.pivotcx.io in the browser's location input. 

Minimum Hardware

In general, if your computer is capable of running a current version of one of the following browsers, your device can run PivotCX:
  1. Chrome
  2. Microsoft Edge
  3. Safari
  4. Mozilla Firefox
  5. Brave

Network Access 

PivotCX is a modern, networked application. All connections are encrypted using TLS 1.3 or newer. PivotCX is not available without an encrypted connection. PivotCX requires access to the following domains:
  1. app.pivotcx.io (ports 80, 443)
  2. chat.pivotcx.io
  3. api.pivotcx.io
  4. content.pivotcx.io
You can quickly verify if PivotCX is accessible from your computer and network using our diagnostic tool (https://app.pivotcx.io/ping). The tool will identify most firewall and network configuration problems that block access to PivotCX. More information on the diagnostic tool is available here: 
  1. Quickly Diagnosing Network Issues.


PivotCX can notify users of events using email, web push notifications, mobile push notifications and/or SMS messages. Users can update their own notification settings and preferences at any time (Notification and Email Preferences). To ensure that you receive all notifications:
  1. Have your IT team safelist the pivotcx.io domain for email.
  2. If prompted by your browser or device to allow notifications, give PivotCX permission.

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