Welcome to PivotCX

Welcome to PivotCX

Why use PivotCX?

Welcome to PivotCX, our all-in-one Communications Hub! We’re excited to have you. If you’re seeing this article, you’re most likely just getting started and introduced to our platform. 

Our vision with PivotCX is to enhance the recruiter and candidate experience during the hiring process by easing communications. While you may not be a recruiter and use our platform for another use case, we at PivotCX believe in engagement in a variety of forms!

Activate Your Account

Before getting started with your training session, let's take care of some housekeeping items. We’ll start by activating your account. You should have received an activation email from accounts@pivotcx.io. Please see our link below on how to activate your account.

How to activate your PivotCX account: Click me!

Enable Browser Notifications

Once in your account, you’ll need to set up your notifications. This will ensure that you receive messages that are waiting for you. 

When you first log into your account, make sure you select “yes” to enable browser notifications!

An overview of available notifications can be found under “my settings”. Your PivotCX CS Rep can also make recommendations for recommended notification methods. 

Learn more here

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