What is a Text Keyword and How do I use it for Recruiting?

Using Keywords for Recruiting

A text keyword is an informative word that connects you and your audience using a text-enabled phone number or short code.

Text Keyword is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience by allowing them to opt-in to your content. Additionally, it is an easy way to separate people into more targeted groups (by location, job title, etc.).

How do Text Keywords Work?

When someone sends your keyword to your phone number, they agree to receive text messages from your team. They'll receive an automated text message with an explanation of what to expect, a call-to-action and information on how to opt-out if they so choose. In PivotCX, a keyword can also trigger human-to-human conversations with our Candidate Development Reps who chat with candidates to make sure they are qualified for specific job positions. Keywords can also be set up as a jumpboard to full texting Campaigns pre-set with specific messages at set intervals. 

Setting Keywords in PivotCX

PivotCX lets you easily set up an unlimited number of keywords. To get started, go to Team Settings in PivotCX and click on the Keywords tab. 

Type your new keyword and click on "Add"

Edit the template that will be sent every time someone texts your keyword to your phone number. Don't forget to click save once you've finished your updates.

Best Practices

  1. Keep your keyword short and to the point. The easiest it is for someone to remember and spell your keyword correctly when texting the better results you'll get from your campaigns.
  2. Connect with your audience. Use keywords that relate to your campaign.
  3. Share your keyword. Market your word on your and your candidates' social networks and don't forget other traditional media they might consume. 
  4. Use UPPERCASE. Advertise your keyword using uppercase letters to make it easy for people to read.

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