Status Changes (Mass)

Status Changes (Mass)

Managing Candidate statuses in PivotCX is essential and helps to designate which lists candidates should fall into. We have introduced a way to change status en masse rather than managing statuses one by one. This can be particularly useful when marking positions as closed. See how below!

Changing Status

We’ll start on our dashboard screen. From the dashboard screen, click on the Applies tab.
Applies is where we should be managing our active campaigns and attributions for a candidate.

Once in the Applies tab, we can type in a specific job or location to filter by. 

Note: Columns have the option to be reordered. Drag and drop the top headers as necessary.

Select the Attribution status you would like to edit. Use the “actions” option at the top of the page and select “Change Status”. A drop-down menu will appear with any applicable statuses for your team.

Optimizing Outreaches

Here are some articles below on how to use Apply Status to optimize your marketing and manage job posts and openings

Dynamic Lists enable users to have an ever evolving lists based on filters including Attribution status. Click here to learn more

Blasts are used to engage a list of candidates. Click here to learn more.

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