Bulk Assign Candidates

Mass Assign Candidates

You may already be familiar with our ^assign feature to assign a candidate's conversation to a member of your PivotCX team or yourself.
Assigning helps organize conversations and distribute the workload to different resources. 

While this feature is helpful in assigning one chat at a time, there are cases when we want to assign multiple chats to a PivotCX user. In these cases, we can use the Bulk Assign feature available from the Candidates Tab. 

How to Bulk Assign Candidates

Starting from the PivotCX dashboard, click on the Candidates Tab on the menu. 

Use the grid's filters or select candidates you want to assign to a user. Then, click on the "Actions" button on the top-left of the screen, and select "Assign ALL contacts in filters" (if you used the filtering tool), or click on "Assign all selected contacts" if you selected users with the checkbox to the left of the candidate's information row. 

The next prompt will show how many contacts will be assigned. Additionally, you'll be prompted to choose to whom to assign the contacts.
Type the correct team member's name or use the dropdown menu to select the assignee.
Click "Add" to confirm your choice and assign the candidates to the designated user.

How to view Assigned Conversations in the Chat Window

Starting from the chat window, click on the funnel icon next to the search bar on the left-hand side of the screen to see all the available chat filters
To see the candidates actively assigned to you, toggle on "Assigned to me" and "Waiting." The chat window will only display candidates actively waiting for your response.
To see all conversations assigned to you, deselect "Waiting."

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