Hiring Events

Hiring Events

Hiring events are a great way to fill open positions quickly and efficiently. Use the services you already know and love, and have PivotCX run your hiring event!

This article will cover the key aspects of a hiring event! We've broken hiring events into modules. You can use all or some to facilitate your hiring event. 

Setup - Landing Page

First step is to set up your landing page with registration details. Get in touch with your PivotCX representative and we'll be glad to help you put together a career event landing page so contacts can easily sign up for your event. On the registration form you can also include information such as what jobs they're interested in, what time slot they'd like to sign up for, and you can even ask them a screener question. Upon submission, a customized text message can be triggered to be sent to the respondent. 
PivotCX will work with you to set up landing pages like this to land contacts straight into you PivotCX team and greet them with a message.

Promotion - Jobs Feed

You can utilize your existing jobs feed to promote your hiring events through PivotCX. The platform provides a wide range of integrations into job boards along with programmatic options that can help you bring potential applicants into PivotCX. 

To learn more about posting jobs in PivotCX, see our article here

Each active job in PivotCX comes with a unique QR code. You can use these QR codes at various locations in your city to attract potential applicants and provide them with more information about your event. 

Click here to learn more about QR Codes


Registration, Screening, and Scheduling

PivotCX can register, screen, and schedule candidates for your hiring events. This can all be done using our career site/landing page functionality. 


Use PivotCX to capture candidates' contact info and resumes before starting your event. This will add the candidate to your PivotCX team and make them a part of your Talent Community. Engage with your candidates during and after your hiring event.


Use PivotCX to screen your candidates before inviting them to the event. Using screening allows you to ensure your hiring event has talent you're most interested in!


Know who's coming and when! Scheduling your candidates before your event ensures that you have enough staffing at the event to cover your interested candidates.

Career Site - Landing Pages

PivotCX has the ability to draft our own career pages using the information in our jobs tab. Empower your hiring process with unique and personalized career pages using information from your jobs tab. By integrating these landing pages with your job feeds, you can capture essential information about potential candidates, including resumes and screening questions, before your event.

If you want to launch a Career site/ Landing page, Click here to learn more!


Use your PivotCX Smart Queue to monitor when your candidates arrive! Interact with your candidates in real-time and let them know when you're ready!


Use PivotCX to host a virtual hiring event. Use our text, call, and video features to facilitate an event without leaving the comfort of your office.


Engage with your new Talent Community. PivotCX has built in ways to reengage with your various campaigns!

Learn more about Creating Lists Here.

Keep your hiring pool fresh and up-to-date! Use Dynamic lists that update as your Candidates' information changes over time!

Learn about making Dynamic Lists Here

Now it's your turn! For help with a hiring event, please reach out to us at help@pivotcx.io! One of our CS Reps will be happy to assist you!

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