Day to Day PivotCX Usage

Day to Day PivotCX Usage

PivotCX is a great way to interact with your candidates but it can be hard to know where to start. This article covers the standard cadence and workflow of engaging with candidates on a day to day basis. Feel free to reach out to your PivotCX rep with any questions on workflow.

Step 1: Check Your Missed Messages  

Missed messages can be found on your Dashboard

The Dashboard is split into 2 groups. Chats for the team and chats for you!



Messages for the team are unassigned conversations that are waiting for a response.


Messages for you are messages that are assigned to you and are awaiting a response.


We recommend checking your messages at the beginning of your day to acknowledge any responses that may have come into PivotCX while you were out of the office.

Start by clicking on "Chat" on the left hand panel shown below

Green: Less than 12 hours


Orange: 12-24 hours


Red: More than 24 hours


Blue: Responded

You can learn more about some of our chat window features here!

After answering your missed messages, it’s time to start your day with sourcing, screening, and follow-ups. See our recommendations on identifying your candidates and initiating interactions below.


Step 2: Getting your Candidates into PivotCX

Depending on your setup with PivotCX, you can receive or place your candidates into PivotCX in a variety of ways. I’ve outlined them below

Headers are Clickable in this section. Click the headers to learn more about each feature!

Browser Plug-in  

Our Browser Plug-in is a great way to get candidates into PivotCX if you’re sourcing a small pool of candidates from an ATS or Job Board database. Use the Plug-in to scrape phone numbers from the page and start chatting!



PivotCX supports a variety of integrations to receive your candidates. This eliminates the need to use the browser plug-in or imports. PivotCX can capture and store job titles, sources, mediums, campaigns, and requisition information without having to store it in a spreadsheet or enter it manually.

When using a feed, you have the option to trigger a message on apply or manage your candidates using our grids.

Reach out to your PivotCX Rep to get your feed process started!


Spreadsheet Import  

Advanced Usage: To input multiple candidates into PivotCX, a spreadsheet import may work better for you! Spreadsheets are a great solution if you’ve received multiple leads from a sourcing tool or would like to import an export out of an ATS.

**For import assistance please reach out to your PivotCX Rep**


Step 3: Interactions  

Once you’ve identified your candidates or received them from a feed, it’s time to interact with them in PivotCX!


You can reach out to your candidates one on one in a couple of ways. The first would be to search for your candidates in the search bar from the Chat View. This is great if you are already chatting and need to reach out to another candidate.




You can also access single conversations from our Grids. You can start a one on one conversation with a candidate by searching for them using our filters. The grid shown below is our candidates tab. Click the message square to open the chat menu and start your conversation.



Mass Interactions


To trigger interactions en masse, you can set up a blast using lists and our blasting function.

Learn how to create your own lists here! Learn to create a STATIC or DYNAMIC list



Once your list is created, you can blast your candidates!


Blasting is a great way to engage with candidates that you've imported via spreadsheet import or to reengage with candidates who haven't interacted with you.

Now you're well on your way to utilizing PivotCX's full capabilities! reach out to your PivotCX Rep with any questions or place a ticket with the team at

Happy Chatting!
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