Creating an Outreach

Creating an Outreach

PivotCX is an excellent tool for interacting with your audience or current talent communities. Our platform serves as a communication hub, and one of the best ways to take advantage of this capability is through Blast Campaigns.


Below are some common scenarios where the Blast Campaign feature can be useful:


Use Cases  

  • Connect with your Talent Community: Check the temperature of your current Talent pool. Clean house of candidates who are interested in new fields or positions, gather updated resumes, remove candidates who are no longer interested, and opt-out candidates whose contact information has changed.
  • Sourcing for FREE: PivotCX stores your candidates from previous imports, job board applications, or feeds. Start with your PivotCX database first BEFORE paying money to the big job boards.

  • Reengage: PivotCX is a great way to reconnect with contacts who have dropped off in their communication. Text messages have an open rate of 97%. Increase your engagement rates and fill your positions quicker.

Getting Started  

  • Identify Your Audience:

    • Learn how to use PivotCX’s filtering features:

    • List Types: Static VS Dynamic

      • Static lists are lists that remain the same. This is a great option if you want to keep the same people in a list or group over time

      • Dynamic Lists are lists that change over time. This is a great option if you want your list to update based on your filters. (Keep an updated pool for your Talent Community)

 Manage filtering in the future by designating job title, source, medium, and campaign fields. This will make reengagements easier in the future.
  • Craft Your Messaging

    • Keep it Simple! Ideally, messages should be 160 characters
    • Who: Identify you! The name of your company is perfect
    • What/Why: Why or for What purpose are you reaching out

    • How/Call to Action: Set the tone for how you would like your recipient to interact. If you want them to respond to your message, end your message with a question!


Once you've selected your audience and crafted your messaging, it's time to start blasting!

Blasts are initiated from the Lists menu and our Blasting menu gives you the option to send your messages immediately or schedule at a better time. Click here to learn more about starting your own blast!

Managing Call to Action  

  • Chat: If you elected to have your candidates respond to your message, set aside time to engage with your candidates.
    • This method is generally used when conducting pre-screening for an open position within your Talent Community
Note: PivotCX has a team that can also manage your campaign responses. Reach out to your CS rep to learn more about our chat option plans.
  • Manage/Update Attributions: Manage Active attributions or Add new ones

    • This method is generally used to clean house or update details of your Talent Community. 

    • Changing Apply/attribution Status: Click here to learn more.

  • Landing pages: Manage candidate responses on a Landing page.

    • This is a great way to assess the skill sets and updated resumes in your talent community. PivotCX has a link shortener and tracking to help manage who has interacted with your landing pages.

    • To start a Landing Page, reach out to your CS Rep to learn more.

  • Schedule Time: For smaller outreaches, send your Calendar Link. Eliminate the back-and-forth of scheduling and get your candidates on your calendar.


Now it’s your turn! Feel free to contact your CS Rep with any questions on how to start your own at


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